Never-ending needs

Year in, year out we need to:
  • Give young street children a nutritious meal. This motivates parents to send their children to school instead of sending them out on the street to beg, keeping them safe and allowing them to benefit from education. The meal is prepared and provided by the nursery school, paid for by VSL.
  • Supply sanitary wear and underwear for teenage girls in secondary schools. The girls cannot afford to buy these themselves. It's hard for us to imagine what this must be like, but it's not surprising that many girls miss days at school or opt out of sport and other activities. We're working with one of VSL's partner schools to make sure their girls have what they need.
  • Give educational and sport equipment to schools and orphanages. Many teachers are working with very limited resources. By providing equiptment we can help make their lessons more fun, interesting and effective. Text books, blackboards, chalk, paper, pencils, computers and much much more. Volunteer Sri Lanka let us know what the schools need, and we need to raise the money to make it happen.

Our partner on the ground in Galle, VSL, is working to deliver all of these priorities: They need our money to do so.
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