The fort city

With a population of around 100,000 Galle is the fourth largest city in Sri Lanka. It is situated on the south-west coast, about 2 hours drive from the capital Colombo. Variously under the rule of the Portuguese, Dutch and British, Galle is now the administrative capital of the southern part of the country.
Galle and the nearby coastline was devastated by the Boxing Day 2004 tsunami. Thousands of people lost their lives and their families: Many are still rebuilding their homes and livelihoods. 
Galle is famous for many things - its historic fort (now a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and its cricket ground to name just two. Its principle export is cinnamon, an exotic spice native to Sri Lanka. Hence we have named our charity Cinnamon Galle. 
The coast near Galle is fabulous (take a look at some of the photos in our Gallery). The seas are dramatic, the sand is fine and in the distance, beyond the stick fishermen, you might be lucky enough to see a pod of whales.