Ambition 2016

The Bakery

Some girls have little hope of a better future. Often victims of sexual abuse and rape, or living on the streets with nowhere to call home, these girls merely survive the poverty they find themselves in.
VSL, Cinnamon Galle’s charity partner in Sri Lanka, can give these girls the skills and experience they need to improve their life-chances. At The Bakery they will learn how to bake, first providing free bread to street families in Galle, then, as their skills improve, selling cakes, snacks and a variety of breads. They will work at The Bakery for 12 months, towards the end earning the money they need to move onto the next stage –a fulfilling and independent life.
VSL will equip each girl with the skills, experience and self-confidence they need to secure a job, and introduce them to restaurants, hotels and bakeries in and around Galle seeking to recruit trained staff. 
Please help the girls of Galle by making a donation to The Bakery.
All funds raised by Cinnamon Galle are passed directly to VSL in Sri Lanka. VSL is an entirely volunteer-run charity. Thus, 100% of your gift is spent on the project itself.
If you are thinking of going to Sri Lanka, you would be very welcome to visit The Bakery. There will be some delicious baking to sample!