About us

The story behind Cinnamon Galle

In July 2010 my mother and I went to Sri Lanka to join a small volunteering scheme,Volunteer Sri LankaWith a small group of volunteers from the UK, Australia, Thailand, Ireland and Canada we worked in a street children's nursery, a secondary school and an orphanage in Galle. I was 14 at the time, and the experience really opened my eyes to how different lives can be, yet how much we can have in common with people in other parts of the world.
We were met with sunny smiles and offers of friendship. But what we saw was terrible hardship. Children unable to go to school to learn to read and write because they didn't have shoes; sick orphans suffering in isolation; teenage girls unable to play sport because they couldn't afford underwear. We saw people working tirelessly to improve the lives of these children - teachers, nurses, carers - often without the most basic resources or training. 
With friends and fellow volunteers, we decided to help as best we could by raising funds to support projects which would create opportunities for  these bright, friendly and uncomplaining young people. All our projects are implemented by Volunteer Sri Lanka, under the eagle eye of its founder Janaka de Silva. Janaka works tirelessly to help people in his community and coordinates small groups of volunteers from around the world.
I hope you'll find our charity interesting and want to help the young people of Galle.